Positions and Descriptions


  • Chairs Board of Directors meetings.
  • Chairs the Annual member meeting and all special meetings held.
  • Acts as principal representative of the CISC
  • Responsible for overseeing- Strategic planning, Operational planning, Budgets and coordination of league operations.
  • Assist with Coordinating activities assigned to various board members. And will oversee that board members follow through with responsibilities.
  • Promote community spirt, good sportsmanship, and fun within the league.
  • Represent the Club at required MYSA meetings or will assign a representative in his/her place.
  • Ensures that decisions made by BOD are carried out and followed by accordance of the Club by Laws.
  • Has signature authority, in addition to the Treasurer, for the club expenditures.
  • Establishes administrative procedures to ensure club polices are carried out.
  • Ensure CISC is managed in accordance with its By-Laws, Policies and Mission.
  • Will act as one member of the executive board to assist with making decisions for the Club.
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board meetings.

Vice President

  • Co-Chair Board of Directors meeting.
  • Co-Chair the Annual member meeting and all special meetings help.
  • Act as the representative for CISC, When President is unavailable.
  • Assist President with Coordinating activities assigned to various board members. And will oversee that board members follow through with responsibilities
  • Promote community spirt, good sportsmanship and fun within the league.
  • Work with MYSA to ensure the Club’s functions respect and follow MYSA By Laws.
  • Represent the Club as needed at MYSA meetings
  • Follow through with any delegated responsibilities by the President, or board made decisions.
  • Will act as one member of the executive board to assist with making decisions for the Club.
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board Meetings.


  • Assist in the preparation of Club budget.
  • Monitors the budget.
  • Ensures the board financial policies are being followed.
  • Reports to the board of directors on finances.
  • Prepares any required financial report forms.
  • Maintains and oversees bank account. Including all deposits, withdrawals and payments made for the club.
  • Treasurer’s signature should appear on all checks of the organizations with an second signature of an authorized board of director.
  • Assist with managing registration budget.
  • Will manage and obtain the safety of treasurer computer. And will report any issues to the BOD’s
  • Will act as one member of the executive board to assist with making decisions for the Club.
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board meetings.


  • Attend monthly board meetings.
  • Record discussions and decisions of board meetings and publish minutes before the next meeting. Send e-mail to BOD’s Print out copies upon request.
  • Keep and maintain records for all club functions. Maintain files including board meeting minutes, birth certificates of players, forms, original club documents, club polices, manuals, and By-Laws, MYSA Policy Manual along with signs for Registration, ect.
  • Word Process notes, forms, letters, as necessary for BOD and member mailings.
  • Assist in preparing and updating annual calendar for CISC.
  • Send out reminders of upcoming deadlines when requested by BOD’s.
  • Assist Webmaster with updated CISC BOD contact list.
  • Update league By-Laws and Procedures as needed.
  • Assist in organizing meeting location.
  • Help to assist the registrar to develop a list of all volunteers, from the registration forms data and maintain a current list of the volunteers at all times. 
  • Assist with club events including Registration, Recreational game night, Fundraisers, Parades, and any other events help by CISC or requested by BOD.
  • Will act as one member of the executive board to assist with making decisions for the Club.
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board meetings.


  • Implement and/or maintain the CISC registration process to ensure an accurate and timely registration process.
  • Register soccer teams and players for competitive traveling program by posted deadlines to MYSA
  • Register soccer teams and players for recreational program by deadlines set by CISC.
  • Receive and distribute player and coaches passes for competitive travel program.
  • Work with coaches, assistant coaches and board members to assure registration, medical forms and any additional paperwork is completed for all players and coaches.
  • Assist and help maintain a registration budget with Treasurer.
  • Maintain a current database of all current registered players and keep and archive of all past players.
  • Provide Travel Coordinator with list of players and coaches including all requests for uniforms and sizes.
  • Assist with developing a list of volunteers with the secretary from the registration forms data. And maintain a current list of volunteers at all times.
  • Produce mailing list from registrations database, upon request of BOD’s
  • Will manage and obtain the safety of the registrar computer. And submit any issue with computer to BOD’s.
  • Manage the registration logistics for registration (including determining registration dates, and securing a registration facility, and communicating registration logistics to the membership)
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board meetings.

Field Manager

  • Assure that fields are set up and ready for game time. Coordinating the assistance of volunteers at his/her discretion.
  • Will maintain the fields during season (ie: garbage access, field striping, corner flags, nets and irrigation systems.)
  • Coordinate and oversee lawn care services, Irrigation systems, parking lots, and portable toilets. (Provide BOD’s with necessary updates on repairs/needs and/or management required items.)
  • Will properly manage all storage buildings and help maintain concession stand.
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board meetings.

Travel Coordinator

  • Will be the liaison between the BOD’s and all traveling coaches, players and parents.
  • Assist the Director of coaching with the setup of all traveling coaches bags to make sure they have everything to have a successful season.
  • Upon completion of travel registration will receive lists of all traveling teams, coaches and players along with uniform requests and sizes. Once organized place adequate and timely order for traveling team uniforms.
  • Assist Registrar with player passes and coaches passes upon receipt.
  • Coordinate with Sporting good/Printer to receive the travel uniforms, and that they will receive the proper CISC logo and lettering.  
  • Coordinate any team fundraising activities as recommended by BOD’s.
  • Assist with Secretary and Registrar to notify parents/volunteers of volunteer opportunities and obligations.  
  • Obtain bids for traveling uniforms when necessary or upon request of BOD’s
  • Be able to display sample uniforms at time of registration to assist parents with proper sizes. 
  • Identify tournament schedules and assist coaches with notifying parents and collection of any fees.
  • Meet with team coaches, assistant coaches and team managers, and introduce yourself. Go over duties required by each.
  • Review travel schedule with coaches and help them to understand how to reschedule or change information pertaining to games.
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board meetings.

Director of Coaching

  • Provide opportunities and encouragement for coaches to improve their coaching skills.
  • Organize training for recreational and traveling players for the off season months.
  • Organize training for recreational and traveling players during the soccer season.
  • Encourage recreational players to transition into the traveling programs.
  • Try to attend at least one practice or game of each traveling team.
  • Be available to assist with coaches in developing the skills of CISC players.
  • Attend and represent CISC at the MYSA Director of Coaches meeting.
  • Work with the field manager to make sure that all fields are properly setup and being maintained.
  • Work with the registrar and BOD’s to assist with placement of players on proper teams.
  • Setup a coaches meeting prior to season to meet coaches and go over expectations.
  • Train coaches on match reports, player passes, game rescheduling and anything else they may need throughout the season.
  • Make sure that coaches follow the rules set by the CISC, MYSA and the US Youth soccer association.
  • Assist the Recreational Coordinator with meet the coach night and group night practices.
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board Meetings.

Recreational (REC) Coordinator

  • Promote community spirt, good sportsmanship, and promote fun within the league.
  • Assist registrar and secretary with creating and dispensing flyers for local schools
  • Assist with registrar on determining when the recreational registration will begin. Help with facilitating, planning and promoting.
  • Upon completion of recreation registration receive the list of players from registrar.
  • Create teams for recreational youth program accordingly by the age groups.
  • Recruit potential recreational coaches, Traveling players, parents and BOD’s are a good source to assist.
  • Order recreational uniforms after completing team assignments. (Currently CISC uses Lee’s Sports Shop)
  • Work with risk coordinator to receive all required documentation for coaches, players and referees.
  • Contact potential referees, Traveling players, Coaches, parents and BOD’s are good sources of assistance.
  • Setup training and schedules for referees.
  • Create a schedule to have for referees and a weekly sign in sheet, Referees will check in weekly with Rec. Coordinator at main pavilion.
  • Schedule a meet the coach’s night. The Director of Coaching should assist with arranging time to meet with coaches. Work together to setup weekly program practices.
  • To assist field manager please discuss with referees to help with setup and clean up with fields, including nets, signs and any garbage left on fields. (Rec. Coordinator will determine what time referees should arrive before game times.)
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board Meetings.


  • Assist the CISC BOD’s with the maintenance of website.
  • Place appropriate content on website
  • Assist BOD’s, Coaches and Parents on use of website.
  • Maintain Facebook account.
  • Monitor and maintain registration portal.
  • Maintain all email services for website.
  • Approval by BOD’s on all changes to website.
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board Meetings.

Boys and Girls Representative

  • Represent CISC at all District meetings
  • Report to CISC on changes or potential benefits to the North District.
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board Meetings.

Concession Stand Coordinator

  • Open and clean concession stand in spring.
  • Check all equipment is in working order.
  • Create a list for request for purchase on supplies needed for concession stand.
  • Set prices for individual items including costs for recreational games and tournaments.
  • Request moneys for cash register including all change needed.
  • Work with Treasure on purchasing items needed for concession stand. (Currently
  • Stock concessions stand prior to game nights.
  • Arrive at least 45 minutes prior to games to assist with setup and opening concession stand.
  • Work concession stand with BOD approved volunteers. If (CSM) is unavailable he/she is required to have a BOD member in the stand to take their place. (There must be one BOD member in concession stand at all operating times.)
  • Assist with Treasure on making sure that all money is counted and received, the Treasure will make all deposits.
  • Maintain a lost and found item box.
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board Meetings.

Risk Coordinator

  • Send all BOD, and adults working with children information on completing a Background Check (yearly) and Concussion Training (every 5 years).
  •  Retain records on completion of Background Check and Concussion Training.
  • Serves as liaison to the MYSA State Risk Manager.
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board Meetings.

Fundraiser/Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Identifies and Develops suitable fundraising opportunities for CISC.
  • Monitors fundraising progress.
  • Assists the BOD with writing grant proposals.
  • Attend Monthly CISC Board Meetings.

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