Coaching Information

Benefits to Coaching

  1. Coach your kids and you get to spend more time with them at something you can help them have fun at.
  2. Coaching young people of any age gives you the opportunity to have a massive and important influence on the future of your community.
  3. You will be remembered for all the right reasons and kids will copy your example.
  4. You get to develop skills in something you have a passion for and coaching soccer skills is full of challenges and rewards.
  5. Build contacts in your community and neighborhood.
  6. Leadership, responsibility, and commitment all have their own reward and these are abundant when you coach.
  7. It will add to your attractiveness to employers as coaching soccer or any sport, shows the attributes above.
  8. Personal satisfaction.

Enjoy the excitement that coaching gives. With positive coaching, we can develop confident, thinking and creative soccer players! Get out there, coach soccer and make a difference. Remember,  if you are there for the game or kids…you have already won!

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Thank you to everyone who signed up to be a volunteer!